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e-District is a State Mission Mode Project under the National e-Governance Plan. The project aims to target high volume services and undertake backend computerization to electronically enable the delivery of these services through Common Service Centres (CSC).

e-District has been envisaged by Government of Tamil Nadu as automation of workflow and internal processes of District Administration with the possibility of seamless integration of various departments including Revenue, Adi Dravidar and Tribal Welfare, BC & MBC Welfare, District Social Welfare, etc. for providing services to the citizens. This project is of paramount importance to the State as it would help in creating an automated workflow system for the district administration and help in providing efficient department services through Common Service Centres (CSCs)-the primary front end channels envisaged under the NeGP program by Department of Information Technology (DIT), Ministry of Communication and Information Technology (MCIT), Government of India (GoI).



Project Objective

The broad objectives of the project include

1.IT enablement of internal processes of district administration and subordinate offices to increase functional efficiency
2.Automation of workflow and internal processes of district administration
3.Seamless integration of the departments for providing services to the citizens - by integrating various District databases
4.Infusion of transparency and accountability in operations
5.Reduction of workload of officials involved in service delivery
6.Develop mechanism for maintaining of the departmental electronic database
7.To enable easier access to government services and dissemination of information required by the citizens
8.Creation of IT infrastructure for rolling out e-Governance plan up to the Taluk levels
9.To provide self-sustainable operational model extending Taluk levels with zero-down failure risk
10.Capacity building to empower employees to own and operate the IT enabled Systems with confidence
11.To enable the District Collector to carry out tasks with far more efficiency and ensure that various Departments under him are working optimal

The Common Services Center Scheme in Dharmapuri

The CSCs are envisioned as the front end delivery points for Government and Private Services to the rural citizens.In Dharmapuri, 400+ CSCs are being implemented and are in various stages on Implementation. Service Center Agencies(SCA) have been selected like DFC,TFC,PACCS,VPRC,VLE,TACTV,ELCOT,IFAD by the State through a transparent bidding process to rollout the CSCs in their allotted divisions. Currently 10000 + CSCs are operational across the state.

Services Identified in e-District

S.No. Department Name of the Service
1 Adi Dravidar Welfare GoI Post metric Scholarship for SC Students
2 GoI Post metric Scholarship for ST Students
3 State Special Scholarship for Postmatric Students
4 Higher Education Special Scholarship Scheme
5 Chief Ministers Merit Award
6 Annal Gandhi Memorial Award
7 Merit Cum Means Award - Tribal and SC Christian
8 Agriculture Grievance redressal of Farmers
9 BC & MBC Welfare


Issuance of Post Metric Scholarships
10 Educational Assistance to the students in Professional Courses
11 Educational Assistance to Graduates
12 Educational Assistance to Polytechnic Students
13 Electoral Services



Shifting of voter from one area to another
14 Application for Deletion of Name in the Voter's List
15 Modification in Voter's List
16 Application Processing for inclusion of name in Voter list
17 Issue of duplicate copy of Electoral Photo Identity Card (EPIC)
18 Employment Department



Registration with Employment Exchange
19 Renewal of Registration
20 Information on Providing the list of Priority Holders for Central and State Government Jobs
21 Information on Unemployment Relief Scheme for Blind candidate
22 Details of Job Fairs for Employment assistance.
23 Details of Jobs and the man power requirement
24 Revenue








Issuance of Solvency Certificate
25 Issuance of Birth Certificate
26 Issuance of Death Certificate
27 Issuance of No Graduate in the family certificate
28 Issuance of Certificate for Destitute Children for admission in Orphanage School
29 Issuance of Destitute Widow Certificate for priority in getting job opportunity
30 Issuance of Inter-caste Marriage Certificates for getting assistance from Government and admission in the School
31 Issuance of Deserted Women Certificate
32 Issuance of No Government Servants in the family
33 Granting Licenses and No objection Certificates for manufacture, possession, use, sale, transport and import of explosives
34 Recovery of government dues as land revenue
35 Issuance of Licenses to the Pawn Brokers
36 Issuance of Adgangal (view and verification)
37 Application of Revenue Court Cases: Issue of notices, listing cases, tracking status, and Adjournment of cases
38 Social Welfare



Moovalur Rammamirtham Ammiyar Ninaivu Marriage Assistance Scheme
39 Anjugam Ammiyar Ninavu Inter caste Marriage Assistance Scheme
40 EVR Maniammiyar Ninavu Widow Daughter Marriage Assistance Scheme
41 Dr. Dharmabal Ammiyar Ninaivu Widow Re- Marriage Assistance Scheme
42 Annai Theresa Ammiyar Ninaivu Orphan Girls Marriage Assistance Scheme
43 Tamil Nadu Government Girl Child Protection Scheme
44 Utility Services Online billing, on line payments and Tanker Requisition.  Tenders and details of work related to Water Board
45 Payment of Electricity bills
46 Payment of sewerage bills
47 Payment of Telephone / Mobile Bills
48 Payment of Water Bills
49 Collection of House Tax
50 Railway e-ticket booking
51 Booking of Air ticket
52 ISD/ STD/ E-Mail/ Courier/ Fax services
53 Payment/ Renewal of Insurance policies
54 Availability of forms set for all public services
55 Money exchange/ transfer