The DRDA is the principle organ at the district level in implementing various anti-poverty Schemes of Government of India as well as of State Government. The DRDA is visualized as a specialized and professional Agency, capable of implementing the anti-poverty programmes, and in effectively carrying out the objectives to the rural masses. It helps in strengthening the rural infrastructure and bringing up the economic prospective of the villages with a key for the eradication of backwardness and poverty. The DRDA is implementing a number of schemes with an aim of enabling the rural people, in improving their standard of living and in eradication of poverty. The main thrust of the programmes implemented are being removing the economic disparity and bringing up the people below poverty line.

The DRDA established in 1980 is a registered society under the Tamil Nadu societies Act. The District Collector is the chairman of the DRDA. Governing body carries out the administration of the DRDA. The governing body governs major policy decisions including planning and functioning of DRDA and nevertheless the control and monitoring aspects are also being carried out. The meeting of the governing body of the DRDA is being conducted at least once in a quarter.

MGNREGS 2022-2023Farm Pond, CC Road, Drainage, WBM Road, Working Shed, Sunkan pit, Soak pit, Amrit Sarovar, Saucer Bunding, Stone Bunding View

Rural Develpoment and Panchayat Raj
S.No Name of the Schemes Categories File
1 AGAMT 2023-24 Anaithu Grama Anna Marumalarchi Thittam View
2 AGAMT 2022-2023 Anaithu Grama Anna Marumalarchi Thittam View
3 NNT 2022-2023 Namakku Naame Thittam View
4 SEDP Green House -2020-21 View
5 SEDP Road Work -2020-21 View
6 SEDP Water supply -2020-21 View
7 SEDP Water supply -2021-22 View
8 SEDP Road Work-2021-22 View
9 MPLAD 2022-23 MP-Dharmpauri View
10 MLA CDS -2022-23 MLA-Dharmpauri View
11 MLA CDS -2022-23 MLA-Harur View
12 MLA CDS -2022-23 MLA-Palacode View
13 MLA CDS -2022-23 MLA-Harur View
14 MLA CDS -2022-23 MLA-Pappireddipatti View
15 MNREGS-2022-23 Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme

Rural Develpoment and Panchayat Raj
S.No Name of the Schemes Categories File
1 AGAMT 2021-2022 Anaithu Grama Anna Marumalarchi Thittam View
2 NNT 2021-2022 Namakku Naame Thittam View
3 MLACDS 2021-2022 MLA – Dharmapuri View
4 MLACDS 2021-2022 MLA – Pennagaram View
5 MLACDS 2021-2022 MLA – Palacode View
6 MLACDS 2021-2022 MLA – Harur View
7 MLACDS 2021-2022 MLA – Pappireddipatti View
8 MPLADS 2021-2022 MP Dharmapuri View
9 Adi Dravidar Habitation improvements Scheme 2021-2022 Special Scheme, Tribal Welfare View
10 Rashtriya Gram Swaraj Abhiyan (RGSA) 2021-2022 Buildings View
11 School Infrastructure Development Scheme (SIDS) 2021-2022 Buildings View
12 Tamilnadu Rural Roads Improvement Scheme (TNRRIS) 2021-2022 Roads View
13 SEDP Roads View
14 SEDP Water Supply View

Rural Development and Panchayat Raj – AD Panchayat -15th CFC – Administrative Sanction Orders- VP, BP

Block Panchayat
S.No Block Name 2021-22 2020-21
1 Dharmapuri View View
2 Eriyur View View
3 Harur View View
4 Kadathur View View
5 Karimangalam View View
6 Morappur View View
7 Nallampalli View View
8 Pappirediipatti View View
9 Palacode View View
10 Pennagaram View View