ElectionIndia is a constitutional democracy with a parliamentary system of government, and at the heart of the system is a commitment to hold regular, free and fair elections.

Elections are conducted according to the constitutional provisions, supplemented by laws made by Parliament. The major laws are Representation of the People Act, 1950, which mainly deals with the preparation and revision of electoral rolls, the Representation of the People Act, 1951 which deals,in detail, with all aspects of conduct of elections and post election disputes.

Information relating to enrolment of name in the electoral roll, conduct of elections and issue of Electors’ Photo Identity Cards (EPIC) are available on this website for awareness of the public and for encourage Voters to exercise their electoral rights.

“தேர்தல் பருவம் தேசத்தின் பெருமிதம்”

Electors & Polling Station Details as on 22-01-2024 Button new
S.No Name of Assembly Constituency Total No. of Polling Stations Total No. of Polling Station Locations Electors as on 22-01-2024
Male Female Third Gender Total Electors
1 57 – Palacode 272 182 120301 117857 19 238177
2 58 – Pennagaram 294 180 126596 118591 8 245195
3 59 – Dharmapuri 308 163 130757 128419 98 259274
4 60 – Pappireddipatti 314 184 128495 127813 14 256322
5 61 – Harur(SC) 301 176 122113 121724 20 243857
Total 1489 885 628262 614404 159 1242825

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Forms for Registration in E-Roll
S.No Forms View/Download
1 Application Form for New Voters

புதிய வாக்காளர்களுக்கான விண்ணப்பப் படிவம்

2 Application for inclusion of name in Electoral Roll by an overseas Indian elector

வெளிநாடு வாழ் வாக்காளர் ஒருவர் பெயரை வாக்காளர் பட்டியலில் சேர்ப்பதற்கான விண்ணப்பம்.

3 Letter of Information of Aadhaar number for the purpose of electoral roll authentication

வாக்காளர் பட்டியல் அங்கீகாரத்திற்காக ஆதார் எண் உண்மையென சான்றுரைத்தல்

4 Application Form for Objection for Proposed Inclusion/ Deletion of Name in Existing Electoral Roll

வாக்காளர்  பட்டியலில் ஏற்கனவே உள்ள பெயரை நீக்க கோருவதற்கான விண்ணப்பம்

5 Application Form for shifting of Residence/Correction of Entries in Existing Electoral Roll/Replacement of EPIC/Marking of PwD

1. குடியிருப்பை மாற்ற / 2. நடப்பு வாக்காளர் பட்டியலுள்ள பதிவுகளை திருத்தம் செய்ய / 3. மாற்று வாக்காளர் புகைப்பட அடையாள அட்டை பெற / 4. மாற்றுத்திறனாளிகளை குறிக்க விண்ணப்பப் படிவம்

Message to Voters

Voting is your right and right emerges from the freedom you have. Your freedom is protected, promoted and perpetuated by our democratic ethics and democratic set up can survive and attain good health and vibrancy, only if you vote. So, ultimately you are voting for your own sake for securing your own social, economic and political rights as well as freedom at first step and contributing to the nation at the same time.

All information on this page is provided by District Election Office, Dharmapuri. For any query contact at or Dial 1950 for Voter’s Helpline.