SAMAGRA SHIKSHA (School Education Department)


Samagra Shiksha aims to enlighten the Society by providing inclusive and equitable quality education from  Pre School  to 12th Standard

Illam Thedi Kalvi :

Illam Thedi Kalvi is a biggest post pandemic educational outreach initiative of Tamilnadu Government  in order to cater to the needs of the learning gap caused because of lockdowns due to Covid out break

In Dharmapuri District 1,05,748 students have been benefited through this scheme and  7256 women volunteers have been assigned separately for Primary and Upper primary students.

IllamThediKalvi scheme is now extended for EE Remedial learning to primary students

Ennum Ezhuthum Scheme :

This scheme was launched to bridge the learning gap among students aged under 8, caused as a result of COVID-19 pandemic.It aims to ensure foundational numeracy and literacy by the year of 2025.In Dharmapuri district, 2488 teachers have been given training and 32047 students are being benefited under Ennum Ezhuthum scheme

Out of School Children (OSC) :

Education has been made as a right of every child. But children happen to drop out from school due to various reasons like poverty, ignorance of their parents, migration of the family in search of occupation, broken family , loss of parents and lack of interest  in learning. Samagra Shiksha comes to support the out of school children who have dropped out due to the above mentioned reasons and provides  additional academic support  in achieving academic skills as per their age

In Dharmapuri District, 834 students have been sorted out as out of School children. currently 404 students are being studying in various Schools and Institutions and some are CWSN(Children with special needs) home based students. Out of the remaining 72 are overage,128 students have been migrated to other districts or states and efforts are being taken to admit the remaining 230 students to Schools

Transportation  facilities :

Free transport facility is provided to the children  belonging to the habitations with no  schools

In Dharmapuri district, 535 students are being benefited . Students of the habitations Selambai, Avaloor, Thekkampatti, Kulimnatham and Thathankottai are provided with transport facility of Rs.6000/- for each students per annum


SSA provides an opportunity for inclusive education to children with mental or physical disabilities so as  to  give chances to them to participate instead of being seat away or staying at home. Special teachers are being appointed in blocks. Awareness campaigns are being conducted to give awareness to the public. Medical Camps are being conducted for CWSN to identify their special needs. They are also provided with identity cards, aids and appliances. Regular trainings are given to the special teachers and physiotherapist in mobility and sign language with a view to improve the skills of CWSN

In Dharmapuri district, 3079 children have been identified and 2954 children have been enrolled in Schools. Rs.200/- is given to each CWSN girl as girls stipend per month. Special teachers visit the home based CWSN regularly and they give drills, exercises, guidance and counselling to improve basic activities like eating, dressing, toilet habits etc. Transportation and escorts facilities have been  provided to 748 CWSN students in Dharmapuri District.There are 8 day care centres in Dharmapuri district.Out of 2954 students 2122 students have been provided NID cards and 1685 students have been provided with UDID cards.  Special innovative programmes were conducted from 14th November 2022 to  3rd December 2022 to celebrate International day of persons with disabilities

Training to Teachers (CRC Training) :

    1.ICT training (Information and communication Technology) :

This course is designed for teachers who would like to develop their knowledge and    skills in the use of ICT tools in the classroom.
5772 teachers have been given ICT training during 2022-22

   2.Teacher Professional development Training: 

Professional development training helps teachers to become better at planning and be more organized. Teachers become better at classroom management that will pave way for a meaningful learning journey for the students.

In Dharmapuri district 6413 teachers have been benefited till November 2022 for the academic year 2022-23