In Dharmapuri district average Normal rainfall is 853.10 mm. Total number of farmers in the district is 2,10,300 out of which 1,90,000 farmers are small and marginal farmers. Agriculture continues to be the most predominant sector of the District economy, as 70 percent of the population is engaged in Agriculture and allied activities for their livelihood. The District has as an area of 449777 Ha with net cultivated area of around 195740Ha. The Major crops raised in this district are millets and pulses in rain fed conditions.The Government policy and objectives have been to ensure stability in agricultural production and to increase the agricultural production in a sustainable manner to meet the food requirement of growing population and also to meet the raw material needs of agro based industries, thereby providing employment opportunities to the rural population.

Dharmapuri District has all along been one of the Districts in the state with a creditable performance in agricultural production with the farmers relatively more responsive and receptive to changing technologies and market forces.

The Agriculture Department has taken up the challenge to achieve higher growth rate in agriculture by implementing several development schemes and also propagation of relevant technologies to step up the production. National Mission On Sustainable Agriculture- NMSA, Mission on Sustainable Dry land Agriculture- MSDA, Collective farming, Sustainable Sugarcane Initiative – SSI, PMKSY- Micro Irrigation , PMFBY- Insurance , Tamil nadu watershed development agency-TAWDEVA, Soil health improvement through Bio-Fertilizer, Green Manuring, Organic farming, adoption of Integrated Nutrient Management (INM) and Integrated Pest Management (IPM) technologies are given priority through various programmes, besides crop diversification to fetch better return and value addition to agricultural produce are given priority to improve the economic status of the farming community of the district

Schemes and Components
S.No Scheme/Components Subsidy Pattern
1 I.NADP-Strategic Rice Production Programme
a Incentive for Certified seed production Rs.8000/-Mt
b Certified Seed distribution Rs.10000/-Mt
c Biofertilizer distribution Rs. 100/- Ha
d Biofertilizer distribution -Liquid formulation Rs. 150/- Ha
e Zinc Sulphate application Rs. 500/- Ha
f Weedicide application Rs. 500/- Ha
g Micronutrient distribution Rs. 500/- Ha
h Subsidy for Powertiller Rs.75000/-No
2 NADP-Intensive Millet Production Programme
a Distribution of MN Mixture Rs.500/-Ha
b Distribution of Bio-Fertilizer (Carrier/Liquid) Rs.150/ Ha
c Millets Seeds Production Subsidy Rs.15000/Mt
3 NADP-Pulses Mission
a DAP 2% Foliar Spray Rs.650/Ha
b Pulses seed treatment chemical(imidacloprid)to control YMV Rs.100/Ha
c Promotion of line sowing/Ridges and furrow planting Rs.1000/Ha
d Incentive to Redgram Transplantation Rs.2500/Ha
e Production incentive for Quality seed Rs.25000/ MT
4 NADP-Oil Seeds
a Production of C seeds Rs.1000/ Qtl
b Distribution of C Seeds Rs.2500/ Qtl
c Distribution of Liquid Bio fertilizer Rs.150/Ha
d Castor as Bund crop Rs .150/ha
a Demonstrations on SSI
b Shade Net Installation + Budchipper Target
6 NADP-Enrichment of Soil Fertility
a Demonstrations Rs.1500/Ha
II.National Food Security Missions
1 NFSM Pulse
a Distribution of HYV Seeds Rs.2500/ Qtl
Redgram Rs.2500/ Qtl
Blackgram Rs.2500/ Qtl
Greengram Rs.2500/ Qtl
Cowpea Rs.2500/ Qtl
b Production subsidy for HYV Seeds Rs.2500/ Qtl
Redgram Rs.2500/ Qtl
Blackgram Rs.2500/ Qtl
Greengram Rs.2500/ Qtl
c Demonstrations on Redgram with bee hive Rs. 7500/Ha
d Demonstrations on Redgram without bee hive Rs.5000/Ha
e Cropping system based demonstrations-Maize followed by Blackgram Rs.10000/Ha
f PMT and other Miscellaneous Exp.
g PP chemicals Rs.500/ Ha
h Micro nutrients Rs.500/ Ha
i Biofertilizer Rs.300/ Ha
j Power sprayer Rs.3000/ No
k Rotavator Rs.35000/ No
l Water carrying pipes Rs.15000/ farmer
m Trainings Rs.14000/ Training
n Bund cropping with Redgram Rs. 100/Ha
2 NFSM Pulses-Additional Area Coverage
a Cluster Demonstration on Blackgram Rs.5000/ Ha
b Cropping Sys based Demo Maize followed by pulses Rs.10000/ Ha
c Distribution of PPchemicals Rs.500/ ha
d Water carrying pipes Rs.15000/ farmer
3 NFSM 2017-18-Coarse Cereals
Demonstration of Improved Package
a Ragi Rs.5000/Ha
b Samai Rs.5000/Ha
c Maize Rs.5000/Ha
d Ragi+ Blackgram Rs.5000/Ha
e Maize + Blackgram Rs.5000/Ha
f Distribution of High Yielding varieties Seeds Rs.1500/Qtl
g Distribution of Hybrid seeds Rs.5000/Qtl
4 NFSM-Commercial Crops-COTTON
a Frontline Demonstration on ICM in Cotton Rs.7000/ Ha
III.National Mission on Oilseeds and Oilpalm
1 NMOOP Mini Mission I -Oilseeds
a Purchase of Breeder seeds Rs.15000/ Qtl
b Production of Foundation seeds Rs.1000/ Qtl
c Production of Certified seeds Rs.1000/ Qtl
d Distribution of Certified Seeds Rs.2500/ Qtl
e Block Demonstration-Groundnut Rs.7500/Ha
f Gypsum application to Groundnut crop Rs.750/ Ha
g Distribution of plant protection chemicals (weedicides) Rs.500/ Ha
2 NMOOP Mini Mission II-OilPalm Development Programme
a Distribution of Planting Material Rs.12,000/ha
b Maintenance Subsidy Rs. 5000/ha
c Inputs for Intercropping in Oilpalm Fields Rs 5000 /Ha
d Diesel/Electrical pump set 10HP Rs 15000/No
e Bore well Rs 50000/No
f Vermi compost Rs 15000/No
g Aluminium Portable ladder Rs 3000/No
h Oil palm protective wire mesh Rs 5000/No
i Oil palm Cutter Rs1500/No
j Extension Workers Training
k Mission Management Expenses
3 NMOOP Mini Mission II -TBO Development Programme
Plantation on the new wasteland/ Existing /Degraded wasteland
a Neem Rs. 17000/ Ha
b Pungam Rs. 20000/ Ha
4 National Mission on Sustainable Agriculture
1 NMSA RAD-Regular
INTEGRATED FARMING-Milch Animal(1 no)+Cropping system Rs.27500/ Unit
a Cereal Based
b Pulses Based
Value Addition and Resource Conservation
Training on IFS / resource conservation (Nos.) Rs10000/Training
Vermi compost Unit(Nos.) -Permanent structure 200cu.ft @ Rs.125/cu.ft (20 x 5 x 2) Rs.25000/unit
Vermi compost unit(Nos.)-HDPE 96 CU. FT@ Rs.125/cu.ft (12 x 4 x 2) Rs.6000/unit
5 Tamil Nadu Cotton Cultivation Mission (TNCCM)
a Liquid Biofertilizer distribution Rs. 150/Ha
b MN mixture distribution Rs. 500/ Ha
c Bioagents / Biocides distribution Rs. 500/ Ha
d Plant Protection chemicals distribution Rs. 1000/ Ha
e Rotavator
f OF Rs. 44000/No
h SF/MF Rs. 55000/No
6 Seed Village Scheme
Seeds Distribution
a Paddy Rs. 15/Kg or 50 % Subsidy
b Millet Rs. 15/Kg or 50 % Subsidy
c Pulses Rs. 72/Kg or 60 % Subsidy
d Oilseeds Rs. 48/Kg or 60 % Subsidy
7 Coconut Development Board assisted Programme -IFC-PI
a Demonstration Rs.17500/Ha