Events Festivals

Festivals are celebrated by the people in Dharmapuri with great pomp and festivity

Thai Pongal :

Pongal festival falls in mid-January every year is the most cherished festival in this region and people passionately participate in the festivities

Aadi Perukku (Aadi-18) :

Aadi [ Jul-Aug] and Aadi Perukku festival or the 18th day of Adi Month [Jul-Aug] attracts more crowd to Hogenakkal and Theerthamalai to participate in the festivities.

Theerthamalai temple festival :

The famous festivals of the temple are the 10 day Masi Brahmotsavam in February – March with procession of the presiding Lord, car festival on the 7th day, wedding festival on the 5th day and Sathaparana festival – Lord in reclining posture on the 10th day; Abishek pujas with 365 litres of milk on the Chithirai new year day falling mostly on April 14 or a day earlier or later occasionally, Navarathri in September–October and Aadi 18 July–August with special abishek at night followed by Girivalam – circumlocution of the hill. 

The devotee crowd in the temple is usually big on Saturdays and Sundays. Pradosha is devotionally observed. 

Also Tamil and English New Year Day are observed in the temple. 

Kalabairavar Temple :

Bhairavar Prayer

Time, Kalpanta, Hostile, Skull, Samkara, Unmanta, Fighting, Ukkira are the 8 types of Bhairavas. There are 8 incarnations for each Bhairava. The prayer will be a total of 64 Bhairavas. Spirit, guiding, devilish evil planets like harassment away with holy water will be sprayed on top. During dark moon day, to cast an evil eye on her, to break pumpkin for removing omal.   Nearly 20,000 people will come to this temple on astami and 5,000 people will come on every Sunday. For fullmoon day, sorna Krishna Kubera pooja will take place to solve the financial problems. 

Weekly Oblation

Monthly once, this will be held during waxing moon and ashtami. In early morning 6 P.M, atirutra ritual will be held. Ashta Bhairava ritual, a ritual solasa Ganapathy, Lakshmi solasa ritual,all these rituals will be held during 6 pm to 9 pm. After 9.30, oblation will be held with 64 types of liquids.Offering prayers will also take place.At Night 11 P.M , chatru sanmaga homam and blood ritual will take place. The prayer will take place in the 500 kg of chilli 8 bond. There is no little sense when we put the chillies in to the homam. The enemies were quit during this prayer. 

Senraya Perumal Temple :

This temple was built on 9th century. The other name for this temple is chinnathirupathi. The other names for perumal temple is sridevi, boodevi, samega senraya perumal, this temple is seeing from the east. Krishna Devarayar’s marriage took place in this temple. In this temple, Devarayar were looked in wedding suit. There are three alwars like thirumangai alwar, boodhalwar, nammalwar are located in this temple hall. 

Someswarar Temple :

In someswara temple, the lord shiva is seeing from the west. This temple is very special. In this temple, north seeing shiva, north seeing Ganesha, north seeing Muruga, south seeing Somambika, south seeing Dhatshina Moorthy, south seeing Sandigeshwar are located.West seeing shiva temple is located here only. This place is worshipped by siddhars. After that they did saina religion prayer and in this temple saina religion statue is here. 

Poojas :

In this temple, everyday prayer, and pradosha on a fullmoon day special prayers will be held. In the month of masi, in star maham, the pooja will take place from that day. On those three days, the sunlight falls on the statue through the temple’s entrance.