The office of the Assistant Director of Fisheries, Dharmapuri was established in the year 1981-1982 under drought prone area programme vide G.O. Ms. No. 2037, Agriculture Department (DPAP) dated: 03.09.1981 and various sub-offices including Chinnar Fish Seed Farm, Hogenakkal Fish seed Farm, Nagavathy, Thumbalahalli, Kesarhulihalla and Vaniyar offices are functioning under the Assistant Director of Fisheries, Dharmapuri.


The object of the scheme is to utilize the Reservoirs and Lakes of this District for fish cultural operations such as stocking of Fish Seeds of major carps and exploitation of Fishes in order to supply protein-rich fish food to poor people at reasonable rate fixed by the Commissioner of Fisheries


  1. Fish Seed Rearing.
  2. Stocking of Major Carp Advanced Fingerlings in Reservoir .
  3. Reservoir Fisheries Management.
  4. Exploitation of Reservoir Fishery Wealth – Stocked and Unstocked varieties.
  5. Fisheries scheme implementation
  6. Fishermen welfare board scheme implementation

Rivers :

The major river which flows through the district is Cauvery River, having a water spread length of around 90 Kms and forms waterfalls at Hokenakkal and joins Mettur Dam flowing from ootamalai to Nagamari of Pennagaram block and Thenpennai river via Echambadi dam in Karimangalam block of Dharmapuri district.

Reservoirs :

There are 6 major reservoirs in the district having a water spread area of 840.38 Ha. The following are the major reservoirs of Dharmapuri District viz. Chinnar, Thumbalahalli, Nagavathi, Vaniyar, Thoppayar, Kesargulihalli.

  1. Total Fishers Population of 3302 nos
  2. Total Fish production of 2863.81 tons (2016-17)
  3. 6 Major Reservoirs namely Thoppaiyar, Nagavathy, Thumbalahalli, Kesarhulihalla , Vaniyar and Chinnar having total area of 06 ha.
  4. Total of tanks are 586no, among these 512 small and74 large tanks having total area of 14000 ha.
  5. Two Perennial Rivers Viz. Cauvery (35 Km) and Thenpennai (35 Km) and two non-perennial rivers namely Sanathkumara river (25 Km) and Thoppaiyar river (20 km)

Running through this district

  1. Two Fish Seed rearing Centres such as Hogenakkal and Panchapally Chinnar are available.
  2. 6 Fishermen Co-operative Societies (One Exclusive for Fresh water Ornamental Fish Culture)
  3. Dharmapuri District Fishermen Co-op Society
  4. Pennagaram Fishermen Co-op Society
  5. Palacode Paruvatharajakula Fishermen Co-op Society
  6. Morappur Fishermen Co-op Society
  7. Kambainallur Fishermen Co-op Society
  8. Dharmapuri District Ornamental Fish Farmers Co-op Society
Area of Sources
Items No. Area
1.Reservoir 6 840.38 ha
2.Ponds and tanks Nil Nil
(a).Seasonal 587 6279.8
(b).Perennial Nil Nil
3.Farms and Ponds Nil Nil
(a).Mnerga Nil Nil
(b).AED Dept 8 1.05 ha
(C).Private Pond 24 2.3 ha
4.Cage culture Nil Nil
(a) Farming Nil Nil
(b).Rearing 2 324meter3
5.Seed production details Nil Nil
(a).Seed Production Nil Nil
Capacity Nil Nil
(b)Rearing Centre 2 2.5 ha
Capacity 35 Lakh Nil



  1. Catla
  2. Rohu
  3. Mrigal
  4. Common carp
  5. Grass crap


  1. Tilapia and Murrels.
  2. Details of fish cost / kg ( From 01.07.2017 to 31.06.2018)
  3. Catla, Rohu, Mirgal and other stocked variety Rs.120 / kg.
  4. Tilapia below 150 g Rs.40 /kg
  5. Tilapia above 150 g to 500 g Rs.60/ kg
  6. Tilapia above 500 g Rs.80/ kg
  7. Murrels Rs.200 / kg.
Variety of Fish and Target 2016-2017
S.No Name of the Reservoir Variety of Fish Stocked in Tons Variety of Fish UnStocked in Tons Total Achievement in Tons (Stocked) Achievement in Tons (UnStocked) Achievement in Tons(Total) Revenue Rs.
1. Chinnar dam 16.00 10.00 26.00 4.940 10.940 15.880 Nil
2 Thumbalahalli 16.00 05.00 21.00 1.590 0.360 1.950 NIl
3 Nagavathy 11.20 13.00 24.20 5.830 3.200 9.030 Nil
4 Vaniyar 11.00 08.00 19.00 13.850 7.540 21.390 Nil
5 Thoppaiyar 11.20 17.00 28.20 11.567 16.690 28.257 10,77,510.00
6 Kesarkulihalla 11.20 03.50 14.70 5.580 1.120 6.800 Nil



  1. Fish culture in Multipurpose Farm pond under NADP Scheme, 8 beneficiaries obtained Rs.0.131 lakhs subsidy amount.


  1. Upgradation of fishing efficiency of Inland fishermen for purchasing Fishing net under NADP Scheme, 17 beneficiaries obtained Rs 1.275 lakhs subsidy amount (50% subsidy).
  2. For establishment of ornamental fish farm under NFDB Scheme, 25 beneficiaries obtained Rs 6.79 lakhs subsidy amount.
  3. Under NFDB scheme 25% assistance for purchasing TVSXLMoped with icebox 39 beneficiaries obtained Rs 3.77 lakhs subsidy amount


  1. Upgradation of fishing efficiency of Inland fishermen for purchasing net under NADP Scheme, 15 beneficiaries obtained Rs 0.875 lakh Subsidy amount (50% subsidy).
  2. Upgradation of fishing efficiency of Inland fishermen for purchasing coracle under NADP Scheme, 38 beneficiaries obtained Rs 1.76 lakh Subsidy amount (50% subsidy).
  3. Under NADP Scheme 2 Unit of 24 cages established for rearing of seeds in cage at Thoppaiyar reservoir for an amount of Rs.14.91 lakhs. culture activities under progress.
  4. Rs 258 lakhs Expenditure made for Repair and Renovation work carried out at Chinnar & Hogenakal fish seed farm under NABARD scheme
  5. TAFCOFED supplied Bolero pickup Vehicle under SBGF scheme for an amount of Rs 5.46 lakhs to Pennagaram Fishermen Cooperative Society.


  1. Expansion of fish culture by encouraging fish farmer under NADP scheme 4 beneficieries were selected and released the subsidy amount of Rs 1.05 lakh for construction of new fish pond stocking of fishseeds.
  2. Grasscarp seed 6500 nos stocked in weed infested 6 water bodies of Dharmapuri district under NADP scheme for an amount of Rs22,684/-.
  3. out of 111 application 102 application selected for construction under Indira aawas yojana fishermen free housing scheme.


  1. Skill Development Training programme conducted to 100 nos of fishermen for an amount of Rs1.95 lakh under NFDB scheme.
  2. For increasing fishing efficiency of inland fishermen for purchasing fishing net Coracle (50% subsidy).
  3. Target fixed for Coracle -54 nos.Net-70 nos.
  4. 0.5 hacter Area target fixed for fish culture in Multipurpose farm pond for expansion of fish culture area.


  1. 10 th , +2 and Higher Education assistance and Marriage Assistance for Fishermen Son/Daughter.
  2. Natural Death and Accidental Death during Fishing –Relief Scheme.