New Plantation Subsidy :

The Farmers who plant improved mulberry variety in their field for silkworm rearing are given a sum of Rs.10,500 /- Per Acre upto  5.00 Acre.

Construction of Separate Rearing Shed Subsidy :

For  the construction of separate silk worm rearing Shed   Unit cost and subsidy to the Farmers, as detailed given below.

Unit cost and subsidy to the Farmers
Shed Level Area Unit Costh( Lakh) Subsidyh( Lakh) %
LEVEL  l Above 1500 Sqft 2.75 0.825 30
LEVEL  ll 1000 Sqft to 1500 Sqft 1.75 0.875 50
LEVEL  lll Above 700 Sqft to 1000 Sqft 0.90 0.630 70

Drip Irrigation :

The farmers who establish drip irrigation in their mulberry garden were give 100% subsidy of Rs.30,000/-per Acre for small farmer and 75% subsidy of 22,500/- per Acre for Big Farmer Upto 5.00Acre.

Rearing Appliances :

The farmer who establish silkworm rearing racks in the rearing shed are given appliances to the worth of Rs.52,500/- as Subsidy.

Farmer awarness programme :

The farmers awareness programmes were conducted in sericulture villages. Sericulture farmers are motivated to follow latest technologies. In this Programme an interaction session is arranged between farmers and a team of sericulture scientists, bankers, coordinator from an insurance company and forest staffs.